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Kimo is smarter than Juanito Ibarra

Juanito Ibarra, pay attention. This is how you deal with the MMA media when they print something wrong about you. Oldschool fighter Kimo was arrested for possession of meth back at the beginning of 2009. The meth turned out to not be his, but that didn’t stop a bunch of websites from lining up Kimo’s mugshots and shuddering at the effects this horrible drug had on him. Now Kimo is talking to Sherdog about the whole situation. What a novel way to set the record straight!

Leopoldo has denied ownership of the marijuana and drug pipe, as well as the methamphetamine, which was taken from the car during what the fighter called “an illegal search and seizure.” Unable to prove the drug belonged to Leopoldo, the district attorney’s office did not charge him for methamphetamine possession. He was also erroneously identified as the owner of the vehicle in the early stages of the arrest.

“I wasn’t charged with it. I wasn’t on methamphetamine and I was not tested for methamphetamine,” said Leopoldo, who was waiting for his friend and driver to return to the vehicle when two plain-clothes officers approached him.

Leopoldo, who had recently undergone knee surgery and was partially immobile at the time, said he was also held and interrogated for nearly an hour at the scene before he was taken into custody.

“They misjudged me, character-profiled me and basically wronged me,” said Leopoldo. “Everything I was accused of was wrong. None of it was justified.”

Now Kimo is getting into the acting business and looking for one more freakshow fight before hanging up the gloves. I’m actually glad for him … jail is pretty much the last stop on the skid row train before death, and while I do enjoy the crazy situations many of washed up UFC pioneers get into, doing time in the poke is always rather unfortunate.