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Kimo alive and well; some UG loser shouldn’t be well

Iole breaks some non-UFC news for once:

Veteran mixed martial arts fighter Kimo Leopoldo, who made his debut at UFC 3, is still very much alive despite numerous reports to the contrary.

Leopoldo’s attorney, Victor E. Hobbs, said “Kimo has surfaced and that’s all I know right now.” He referred all questions to Leopoldo’s manager, Ron Kort. Kort’s voice mail box was full and could not accept messages.

Leopoldo’s death was first reported on an Internet bulletin board. The erroneous report was quickly picked up by celebrity website, numerous MMA websites, and was also reported by the New York Daily News and the Orange County Register.

I was hesitant to post anything about the story last night. I chose not to say anything about death in the title of the post, though, and made it clear who the exact source was along with the potential of an extremely low troll job. I’m glad to know, for all his faults, that Kimo isn’t dead; for the 2009 passings haven’t inevitably crossed over to MMA yet. What I’m disturbed to hear is some sick wannabe fabricated a story about the end of someone’s life, whether it was involved in MMA or not. If there is a hell, this is the kind of guy who’d be right at home – getting pineapples shoved into his anus and being raped by giant birds.

There should be no tolerance for this kind of trash being pulled. Self-promotion is one thing — this is the same guy who went around claiming to have been a replacement on TUF 5 — but bringing someone’s mortality into it just puts you right in with the most disgusting. Taylor is a serious troll who apparently doesn’t know where the line is. The guy is probably reading this right now with a smirk. But nobody should ever pay attention to this guy; nobody should ever talk to him; don’t even give this story the time. Forget all about the name Beau Taylor. Unless you see him out in the streets – then you should punch him square in the face for being a bad person.

This is going to be the last word you’ll hear from me about the whole situation.