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Kimbo’s camp talks about that fateful night

We haven’t heard much from the Kimbo people as to what went down on the night of EliteXC Heat. Sherdog gets the goods, detailing what happened from the point EliteXC called with news of Ken Shamrock’s cut to the knockout that ended Slice’s night to Standgate. Here’s the part on his opponents:

“They didn’t offer Aaron Rosa at all,” Imber said, killing a rumor that Slice had originally turned down the light heavyweight. “It was Seth Petruzelli or it was Frank Shamrock.”

The younger Shamrock, who is Ken’s adopted brother and a former UFC middleweight champion, was assigned to commentating duties for the evening but volunteered to take the bout, even with a substantial weight difference between himself and Slice.

“When we all talked about it sitting all together in there, [Kimbo] was like, ‘Frank, I like Frank. I wanted to fight his brother, not him,'” said Imber. “I don’t even think he really understood what was happening. Neither of us could believe this guy was dropping out at the last minute.”

The show already under way, EliteXC officials pressed for an answer.

“It was confusing. Everything was moving pretty quick, and, at the same time, this guy Seth was supposed to be starting his undercard match,” recalled Imber. “They told us we had to decide quick. There was no real option. It was this guy or no other fight. It wasn’t like they were going to pull Tito [Ortiz] out of the audience.”

I’m still blown away that Frank Shamrock was allowed to step up as a legitimate option. Not because of the weight difference … I have no doubt that a non-training Frank Shamrock probably weighs in around 206 – the same weight Ken showed up. But just the fact that Florida’s athletic commission would give the green light for it. The guidelines for allowing or denying a fight are still ultra-blurry from state to state. Still, I’m blown away that a dude can literally step up from the commenter’s table a few hours before the event and be considered as a choice.