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Kimbo who?

Things are bad for Kimbo Slice. Well, they’re not too bad. Remember this is a dude that just made $500,000 last month, and that doesn’t factor in all the big money sponsorships from EA and Nike. But I hope Slice has a good financial planner, because there may not be more of those in the line considering how low interest is on him now:

Nike produced a series of 11 spoof training videos featuring Ferguson and San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson. In the “Train like LT with Kimbo Slice” spots, Ferguson runs Tomlinson through an old school training regimen, complete with a refrigerator serving as a heavy bag and a pair of beat-up air conditioners subbing as weights for bench-press reps.

The videos are actually clever, but, according to the industry publication, Advertising Age, they haven’t connected with a large audience. Over the past two months, the videos have racked up just 503,000 views. That’s a decent number by many measures. However, it falls well short of the kind of hits generated by Ferguson’s backyard fight antics, which have generated a staggering 250 million YouTube views, according to web analytics firm Tubemogul.

To put things into perspective, the videos that Fightlinker has put on Youtube and Dailymotion have pulled in just under 400,000 views. That’s not supposed to indicate that we’ve done very well, just the fact that these Kimbo videos are under-performing hardcore.