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Kimbo vs Tyson ain’t happening

If I wasn’t such a rainbow of positivity, I’d be ready to accuse Gary Shaw of having bullshit questions fielded to him in order to create headlines. Take this one for example:

Question: Gary, can you comment on the report that Mike Tyson has agreed to fight Kimbo?

Shaw: I have the media report about Tyson. I have had no discussions with Mike or anybody surrounding Mike. I know Mike. Yes, I would make that fight in a heartbeat.

Although this time we can place the totally bogus story claims on, which has to be the worst website in the universe. It’s so bad that whoever actually fell for thinking the story was credible needs to be taken to the hospital, because there’s something wrong with their brains. Seriously, just go take a look at the site and tell me what makes you think that anything you read there should be considered factual?

This isn’t the first time MediaTakeOut has posted a completely 1000% untrue story about MMA. Why, just a month or two ago they claimed that NFL star Ray Lewis had signed with the UFC. Was there any basis whatsoever in reality for this? No! Because the site is complete shit. Not that there’s anything wrong with being shit. There’s a huge market for shit … people love it. There’s no limit to the amount of complete shit they’ll swallow. But come on now … falling for something MediaTakeOut has written is one step above believing the shit written in the Onion or Weekly World News.