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Kimbo vs Tank not cancelled, just a lot lamer than before

When it comes to sketchy promotions, there’s two main kinds: the ones that run their shit on Indian reservations to avoid pesky ‘laws’, the the kind that book freakshow matches involving a former boxer (AIDS optional) or felony fighter.

Today’s story is about the CFFC, who is the latter of the two sketchy promoters. Their event on October 12th featuring Kimbo Slice vs Tank Abbott was rumored to be canceled yesterday, but the promoters have come out and clarified that:

Martinez believes rumors of the event’s demise coincide with the news that CFFC’s deal with iNDEMAND Pay-Per-View had fallen through recently. The show will instead be carried live on the Web, according to Martinez.

“We just lost the iNDEMAND deal,” Martinez said. “I can’t get into [specifics], but we had an investor who backed out.”

Martinez believes the absence of a PPV deal will ultimately work to his promotion’s benefit, both from a financial standpoint and in regards to viewership.

“It’s expensive to be on pay-per-view; it’s going to cut cost,” Martinez said. “I got so many complaints about pay-per-view. A lot more fans will get to see it live now.”

Man, I’m sick as shit of these events being carried ‘on the net’. The last thing I want to do on a Saturday night is hunch over my computer and watch MMA on a window the size of a playing card. I did it for the Strikeforce show and I’m not doing it again. Maybe in 10 years when everyone’s TV is connected to the net and it’s as easy as switching the channel to htwebtv://1129482 then maybe I’ll check it out again. For now though, fuck this shit.

  • steve24 says:

    Kimbo will KO tank 1st round 1st minute. Not worth wasting time watching this fight. Ill watch it on fightviewer Sunday.

  • Amy says:

    Wow you are cranky. You need a serious massage and a trough of beer.

  • Yeah it’s driving me nuts, i’m in a funk. I think it has to do with Bisping vs Evans. I’m like the tinkerbell of MMA … bad vibes kill me. I’ve gotta go home and watch Pride Final Elimination 2005 and 2006 stat, get my MMA love back up and flowing.

  • defranger says:

    there is a cord you can buy at best buy that can go from your computer and plug into your tv. i order the ufc online cause i have basic cable and i just hook it into the tv with the cord

  • Adam says:

    You know you could right click on the Strikeforce window and make it full screen, right? I have no problem with free MMA on the net. Less $$ I have to spend on PPVs.

  • Amy says:

    Yeah no kidding, and I have tickets for that fucked up foolish event. I’m hoping some of these retards on the card get staph, the clap or some runaway toenail fungus. Anything to get some quality fighters….only saving grace is Karo…::::sigh::::: Think I’m catching your MMA blues.

  • Tommy says:

    You were actually gonna pay them Canadian dollars for that piece o crap? I think the internet is better for all. Though I understand your saddness over UFC 78. I’d rather jerk off to porn or help my girl clean the house.

  • How about the UFc signs Kimbo and puts um on the NJ show. Definite improvement. I’m sure Dana has Elvis Sinosic on his speed dial. 1-800 Dial-A-Can

  • marshal says:

    To make it fair make Kimo fight drunk too.