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Kimbo vs Rogers in October

The Kimbo Slice gravy train has come to an end, with Slice likely taking on Brett “the Grim” Rogers for an October fight:

After Kimbo Slice defeated James Thompson in the first mixed martial arts show in prime time network television history, fellow heavyweight Brett Rogers took the podium at the post-fight press conference and called Slice’s performance “garbage” and “unacceptable.”

If that was Rogers’ attempt to hype himself up as the next opponent for Kimbo, it worked. Slice appeared on Dan Le Batard’s radio show today and said he’ll fight Rogers next, “probably in October.”

“They called me out, and now they got the fight,” Slice said of Rogers and his camp.

So let this be a lesson to all you heavyweights out there that want to fight Kimbo Slice: calling him out during interviews and radio shows just doesn’t cut it. If you really want to sucker him into fighting you, just show up after one of his fights and tell him how bad he sucks. The only question left now is if Rogers will be smart and take Kimbo down or if he lets pride fuck with him by trying to stand and trade. If he plans to take the fight to the ground, I think that’s the end of the fight for Kimbo.

(super awesome picture courtesy of the super awesome Esther. More super awesomeness here.)

  • Lifer says:

    funny enough, i found rogers’ cornermen trying to get him to perform his signature ‘dance’ in the post fight interview to be the most painful part of the entire evening. they seemed way more into it than he was!

  • dola says:

    excellent Pulp Fiction reference. that is all.

  • Homer says:

    Do you really think Kimbo’s standup is better than Rodgers? That guy KOed Thompson in their first exchange, something Kimbo couldnt do. I believe he KOed his last opponent as well.

    Rodgers will beat Kimbo standing, OR he’ll take some money under the table and let Kimbo knock him out.

  • Procannonfodder says:

    This is probably proof that Tracksuit Gary has hitched his wagon to a new horse.. “Sorry Kimbo, Mr.Shaw is busy right now. Please leave a message.”

  • Asbel says:

    Despite what Gary ‘9 months’ Shaw says, Kimbo’s standup sucks and he has no ko power after the 1st round. Seriously, everyone know how much of a glass jaw Thompson has and Kimbo couldn’t even drop him.

  • Airipsus says:

    do u really think his stand up is that good?name 1 top 20… nay top 30 heavyweight kimbo has taken out.

  • P W says:

    Didn’t we just say that Kimbo would never face another black man?

  • I dunno if Kimbo would win a stand up war, but it’d be way more competitive than a fight on the ground, that’s for sure. That being said, Kimbo’s punches sure looks like they hit hard as fuck.

  • also, brett looks like he’s trying to grant a wish a la “i dream of genie” in that pic.

  • kentyman says:

    Kimbo’s punches look hard, but he couldn’t knockout the biggest glass chin the heavyweight division.

  • Esther Lin says:

    But Kent, those were in the third round and he was clearly not punching as hard by that point.

  • kentyman says:

    Those were in all 3 rounds. And Thompson’s chin only got “glasser” as the rounds went on…

  • mmaforlife says:

    KImbo shouldnt have beaten thompson, thompson had him but kimbo got a lucky hit away and then took advantage of the blood if the fight had conintued kimbo may have one but thompson probably would have one by taking to the ground

  • Andrew says:

    THis will be a fun fight. Rogers will not be able to bang with Kimbo. I garantee Kimbo can take any punch Rogers can deliver so that shouldn;t be a problem. Kimbo has always displayed great head movement while standing and is a very smart puncher. If the fight goes to the ground, I see kimbo showing a lot more poise then in the thompson fight. However kimbo did pull off some sweet reversals against a much bigger person. And for all the people saying “kimbo couldn;t even ko the biggest glass jaw in the heavyweight division”, just remember that he easily KO’d one of the toughest chins when he put abbott flat on his face. I also see the thompson fight as a “wake up” fight for kimbo. He now knows what it’s like to get really tired in a fight. i’m sure stamina will be increased by october. Kimbo also now knows that it’s like to have to struggle on the mat and struggle while in a submission hold. He will also have learned from some of the ground mistakes he did make. Like Rutten said “Next time, Kimbo will be a different kind of monster”.

    SO basically, Kimbo is a monster who is real pissed off at Rogers and Rogers is just a chubby black dude with a stupid looking frohawk. Just look at his picture above. He can;t even look intimidating when he is trying to.