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Kimbo speaks

The press got their first crack at Kimbo Slice since he was revealed as a TUF fighter, and now that season 10 is finished taping we can start over analyzing all his interviews to see if we can determine how good or bad he did. From MMA Weekly:

“I guess it’s safe to say I don’t mind being a gatekeeper,” he said. “Eventually, you got something you want to get. A drive for something, you know what I’m saying? And I guess I’m still searching for that inner me, I’m still searching for something. Until I find it, and until my fire is done, I’m a fighter.”

If a UFC heavyweight title comes his way, great; if not, no big deal.

“Eventually, you want that title around your waist, that’s eventually the goal,” he said. “But it don’t happen, just line them up.”

That doesn’t sound particularly confidence inspiring, but keep in mind that Kimbo is one of the most modest guys you’ll ever catch on camera. It’s like he learned back in the Gary Shaw era that showing even an ounce of ego would make him seem like a cocksucker so he just keeps it on the downlow.