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Kimbo Slice, zen master

For all the shit people throw his way, no one disputes the fact that Kimbo Slice is a really nice and humble guy. Check out the following zen statements coming from the Slice in a recent interview with ESPN radio:

Ferguson, 34, said he took the loss — which came in front of a hometown crowd in Sunrise, Fla., at EliteXC “Heat” — in stride. In fact, the only ones the bearded brawler said he had difficulty explaining the defeat to were his six young children, whom he told, “what comes up, must come down.”

“It comes with the territory,” said Ferguson. “It’s like I said from the beginning. I’m a fighter and that’s what I’ll continue to do, and I’ll give it 110 percent. If a guy catches me with a good one, that’s cool.”

“Expect the good with the bad. You’re an entertainer. The comments are gonna come whether they’re good or bad, it’s gonna come,” said Ferguson. “No, I’m not embarrassed by it [the performance]. You can’t be embarrassed when you’re an entertainer. If you’re gonna get embarrassed, whether it’s fighting, rap, or anything on that level, then you’re in the wrong business. Real professionals prepare themselves for the good and the bad.”

Kimbo also mentions trying his hand at boxing, which seems fitting to me. MMA fans were never conditioned to accept the idea of fighters getting protected the way boxers are – and the way Kimbo was being protected by Shaw. And here’s hoping we never will accept that shit. I suppose I can’t blame Kimbo for taking the path of least resistance / most money. If someone offered me more money, easier opponents, and rules that got rid of my achilles heel (well, the grappling achilles heel, we’re still not sure if he’s got a glass jaw achilles heel to boot), I wouldn’t pass it up.