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Kimbo Slice is the male Gina Carano

What do Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano have in common (other than their weight class)? They’re both massive targets for established fighters who are still struggling for fame and glory. We saw it back when Gina was the ‘face of women’s MMA’ … pretty much every single female fighter out there was gunning for her. And why not? There’s at least 20 chicks in the MMA game who would beat the spandex off her easily. What better way to become the next big thing than to beat her?

Of course, that wasn’t going to happen. Gary Shaw ‘protected’ her … well, if you consider protecting her as matching her up against people with the approximate skill set. No Tara LaRosa. No Shayna Baszler. No Roxy Modafferi. Although it did look like Baszler was being brought in as an eventual next opponent. No word on if this was because Gary Shaw realized Gina was basically ditching the organization for American Gladiators, or because he honestly thinks she’s ready (no, she’s not).

But the point remains the same: Gina was a target because she was an easy opponent that would bring fame and fortune. And there’s a lot of heavyweight fighters right now out there who are looking at Kimbo in the same way. I’ve actually lost count of how many guys have challenged Slice – Ricco Rodriguez, Gary Goodridge, Butterbean, Paul Buentello, the list goes on and on. They’ve all issued poorly thought out challenges, just talking smack in interviews.

Now here’s the deal, guys. You want to fight Kimbo, you should really get in his face. Show up at his house with a super soaker full of rancid sewage and spray his wife with it. Superglue pages out of gay magazines onto the windshield of his car. The guy is a big angry dude with tons of pride. It wouldn’t be hard to push him to the point where he DEMANDS you get to fight. Or he might just catch you behind a Burger King, old school style. Now THAT would make you famous.

  • Hattori Hanzo says:

    If Buentello or Ricco really wanted a shot at Kimbo why don’t they make their own back-alley fights and post on Youtube. Then, go to Miami with a stack of money and wait for Kimbo by the boat docks.

    FYI….. for potential Kimbo challengers, don’t hand your money to the chubby old guy in the track suit to hold. He steals…

  • andres says:

    Ricco says he hardcore u can do it ricco hahaha

  • SB says:

    Gina & Kimbo would make a great couple. With the jungle fever and all that there. Forget randy & kim. This would be the ultimate mma duo.

  • Mike_N says:

    This is brilliant, if only because it’ll lead someone to a prison-style beatdown.

  • jaydog says:

    Gina shaves funny designs into her chest hair too?

  • J.E says:

    Its definitely great that Gina Carano gets so much criticism. It should be automatic when your single handedly ruining your sport. What people don’t realize is that Carano’s popularity is a bad thing. Her beauty and talent should be overlooked. Who cares if she has Yahoo search engines going crazy?
    I mean she should have fought Tara Larosa or Erin Toughill, or some MMA giant by now. That’s what your suppose to do when ou make the transition from Muay Thai to MMA. Who is Tonya Evinger anyways?? Wait actually she’s the girl who just dominated Julie Kedzie. Well maybe Carano’s did beat one good competitor.
    Seriously, this article enlies the problem with women’s sports. They criticize there stars and push them aware. Look at Laila Ali. She really never fought the best fighters, but for years she was able to keep women’s boxing on the map. I think Carano should fight the tough oponents but only when she’s ready, because once she gets that first L, the interest is gonna leave. I’m not the biggest fan of women’s MMA, but even the most remote fans appreciate dominance. If the sport wants to succeed, they need their prettiest face to dominate. Point blank.

  • RoB says:

    froma non mma standpoint, butterbean vs kimbo would be hella tight

  • Archivist says:

    Supergluing anything at all , let alone gay porn mags,to the windshield of my car would get me kinda “pliers and blowtorch” and i’m a calm fellow. Brilliant idea, i must say hehe

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Agreed. Once Carano loses that zero, her stock drops down a lot. Same with Kimbo Slice. That’s why Gary Shaw needs to protect these n00bs before they are ready for a real fight. Gary Shaw is an ex-boxing promoter. He knows what he’s doing when it comes to marketing and building stars.

    The UFC on the other hand, basically told a 1-0 Brock “sink or swim”. Zuffa was crazy to put Brock up against Mir for his first fight. But most of you believed the hype and thought that Brock would easily win. Told you so. You can’t be throwing n00bs, no matter how hyped they are, to the lions until they really are ready. Dana White and Joe Silva I think could learn from Gary Shaw’s handling of Kimbo and Gina and Scott Coker’s handling of Cung Le. Cung Le has went 5-0 before being faced with a real test in Frank Shamrock. And Coker is only having him fight Frank now because he didn’t want to risk having Cung Le lose before the Frank superfight.

    ProElite probably won’t last but with EliteXC having their highest rating yet with Kimbo headlining, it’s clear at least that Gary Shaw knows how to hype a star.

  • Brandt says:

    I don’t mean to be an ass (that might be a lie), but 90% of MMA fans only care about Carano because they think she is hot. I may know a little more than a casual fan, but it wouldn’t bother me if she lost a fight or two. I think she’s better than a lot of women MMA fighters and few people give her any credit for her Muay Thai background (isn’t she like 12-1?) – immediately criticizing her for not looking like Chyna. If Shaw is protecting her, good for him. She’s still a young fighter and there’s no point in throwing her career down the tubes by pitting her against someone with tons of experience until she’s ready. That’s what the UFC did to Lesnar and nobody won there except Frank Mir.

  • Gina's boy toy says:

    I agree that Gina should fight a top notch MMA fighter, but not wait until she ready. It would be even better if Carano beat Tara when everyone thinks she can’t. Gina is 25 almost 26 you don’t want to wait too long here.