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Kimbo plans on beating the piss/farts/puke/burps out of Mitrione

Hey guys, that PPV this weekend is going to feature the most watched fighter in MMA history (shudder) – Kimbo Slice – against Matt Mitrione. Since this fight shouldn’t last very long (and if Marcus Davis v Jonathan Goulet goes more than a minute then I call fix), we should get to see some undercard love as well before the big rematch (I’m rooting for Tim Hague v The Mexecutioner to get the call, or Stout/Stephens) – and I love if when my three hours at the bar is spent watching more than five fights.

I’m honestly kind of surprised that I’m seeing commercials selling Rua/Machida II and Kos/Daley instead of KIMBOKIMBOKIMBO 24/7. I don’t think we’ll see an insane number of buys related to his presence on the card, but a) I think that’s directly related to how little they’re actually selling him and b) that’s the way it should be (beating Houston Alexander after losing in the first round of TUF normally doesn’t equal a main card PPV slot, but I digress). As a side note, I have to hammer out essays and fake a couple of interviews and pass some tests over the next six days, so take a moment to compare my output to Rod’s and Shawn’s over the last semester before you THANK ME.