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Kimbo opponent still trying to convince people he didn’t take a dive

Remember Brian Green? Of course you don’t. He was the guy who fought Kimbo Slice in a boxing match back in March and almost won – until Kimbo miraculously knocked him out with 3 seconds left in the fight. Many people accused him of taking a dive, and apparently after the internet pays 10 seconds of attention to something and declares it sketchy, the people involved don’t get to move on with their lives. Half a year later Green is still trying to clear his name:

By far, the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Let me remind you, going into this fight against a guy KNOWN for KO’ing people I had won 80% of my fights by submission. . . . When Kimbo and his people looked me up, (a 185 submission guy) They thought he would run right through me and that I had no striking whatsoever. Why would they feel the need to pay me off???? That doesn’t make sense. . .

I’m just trying to clear my name of all these false accusations. Put yourself in my shoes IF (which I swear to God on the holy bible) I didn’t take a dive, I got KO’d and then get accused of taking a dive???? over a million people saying that about me from a GARBAGE camera angle?! This SUCKS man. People telling me I need to go commit suicide, and that I’m a disgrace to combat sports when I never did anything wrong. I’ve never been involved in a fixed fight in my entire 9 year career starting out as an Amateur fighting before ever training, then not having a manager to help me take the correct fights and losing to 10 UFC veterans outside of the UFC (except for breaking Nik Lentz’ arm)

Just take the time and watch the video. You guys saw something from a HORRIBLE angle, when I grabbed myself by the balls, said I’ll take the fight even though expected to get KO’d, and I really DID try. I tried my Heart out. I got tired, and then got caught with 3 punches CONSECUTIVE on my chin.

Please help me get a break here. JUST WATCH THE VIDEO

This angle certainly does make the KO look less suspect, but there was still a lot of bullshit shovelled in this fight. Green was a middleweight MMA fighter brought in for a heavyweight boxing bout with Kimbo. That’s all the info I needed to determine they tried to fix the match. If it makes Green feel better, half the fights Kimbo is involved with end with accusations like this.

  • Symbul says:

    Alright that does kinda make the knockout look a little legit.

  • Letibleu says:

    he is a 205 fighter that drops to185 to fight. nick lentz is a 145 fighter.

    I still accuse him of getting knocked out

  • Letibleu says:

    the other thing, its like someone who always repeats “you can trust me, im an honest guy” or someone who starts a sentence with “im not gonna lie to you”. A used car salesman is always a used car salesman. It’s a lifestyle.

  • voice of reason says:

    Actually looks legit…more legit than the first angle at least

  • shimewaza says:

    I wouldn’t accuse him of taking a dive, but I would accuse him of being a jackass. All that dropping his hands shit and letting Kimbo hit him in the face multiple times. He deserved to get his ass knocked out.

  • iamphoenix says:

    was this also kimbo’s last boxing match?

  • TheButtStrangler says:

    Whats the difference?!

    I dont really care if the seats in my ford pinto are actually “fine Corinthian leather”.

  • frickshun says:

    Dive. I have seen a few thousand KO’s at least. They never end with the punch snapping the guys head back, a 1/2 second hesitation & then flopping backwards like Reggie Miller taking a charge.