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Kimbo gets his bread, Gina gets some crumbs

EliteXC Heat pay figures are out and there’s some interesting shit in there. For one, Seth Petruzelli claimed he was getting six figures to fight Kimbo, although his reported pay was only 50k. As for Kimbo, he saw a nice pay increase. In the past he’s made 150k to fight and 100k to win. This fight saw him earn 500k to fight and 100k to win … which he didn’t, but I think half a million dollars ain’t too shitty of a silver lining.

Past that you’ve got Andrei Arlovksi being the other big winner with a 500k flat pay. The big loser? Gina Carano, who only made 15k to show and 10k to win. I’m praying there’s a shitload of backdoor money being payed her way, otherwise that’s borderline exploitation considering all the promo and press she does for EliteXC.