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Kim talks Gina, EliteXC and perverts

Lots of people are still of the opinion that Kim Couture was the Yoko influence that drove Randy away from the UFC. While there’s no definitive proof of that, it is interesting to see how Kim is often the outspoken political person while Randy’s actions mirror her words. If there is truth to the idea that she’s got a lot of influence over those around her, EliteXC might want to be a bit worried about their hold on Gina Carano. Here’s what Kim said in an interview with Steve Cofield:

“Sometimes her travel is paid and sometimes it’s not so a lot of those bills land in her lap. Unfortunately she was signed with a different manager when she signed that contract and she signed a long one. So whether we can go back and try to change that contract and up those numbers … we need to look into that. But she’s definitely the biggest draw in my opinion.”

Kim is of course refering to Gina’s 25k pay for whupping Kelly Kobald. Also mentioned in the interview is the fact that Jared Shaw was trying to sneak a peek at Gina when she was naked at the weigh-ins, and how she wasn’t happy with EliteXC’s handling of the situation.