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Kim Couture’s website tells it like it is

Cage Potato (via crazy Erin Toughill) noticed that the writing on Kim Couture’s website was outsourced to India or something … I don’t think I’ve ever seen such poor writing skills outside of the Ortiz / Jameson household. Mind you, I’m not exactly Mr Grammatically Correct myself and I still have some rediculous words I consitently fuck up dispite my best efforts, but me sucking doesn’t make her sucking any less funny. Plus, when you’re a 1-2 newb who’s only famous for marrying Randy Couture, you don’t get to say things like this without being mocked a little:

A mother, a model, a business women and a in your face, tell it like it is fighter, who has been changing the world of MMA and bringing acceptance for female fighters around the world in a once male dominated sport.

Oh, and speaking of Kim changing the world of MMA, she’s officially back to training. Unlike Gina Carano, who’s still shunning the MMA scene. Whether Kim will be back with Strikeforce sounds less certain, with Scott Coker telling Steve Cofield that she should “maybe fight in some local shows before taking the next step on Showtime.” I’m down with that. Contrary to popular beleif, I don’t hate Kim Couture fighting. I hate inexperienced underqualified people fighting on television.