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Kim Couture’s sexy lesbian choke arrest

MMA Fan Expos are fun, there’s always something interesting to do at them. Like at the one back in May you could check out toys at the Round 5 booth, meet Wanderlei Silva, or watch Kim Couture and her personal assistant get into a screaming match that would eventually lead to Kim getting arrested. Now MMANewsLeaks has more details on what supposedly happened after that:

As the victim was packing her belongings and preparing to move out, Ms. Couture arrived at the house she shared with the victim. Ms. Couture then went to the victims’ room and once inside the victims’ room, Ms. Couture allegedly blocked the door preventing the victim from leaving and then engaged in a heated argument with the victim, which subsequently led to Ms. Couture knocking/pushing the victim onto the bed. It is alleged that Ms. Couture then began choking and shaking the victim.

When the police arrived at Ms. Couture’s home they heard yelling and what sounded like things being knocked around. Upon entering the victims’ room and they found Ms. Couture standing over the victim in a menacing position. The police then escorted Ms. Couture out of the room and observed marks on the victim’s neck. Ms. Couture was then taken into custody at about 4:30 pm. It seems that the argument between the victim and Ms. Couture stemmed from the fact that Ms. Couture was upset that the victim wanted to move out of Ms. Couture’s residence.

Add in some salacious innuendo that ‘Ms. Couture wanted something more from the victim than just personal assistant services’ and you’ve got yourself the plot to half the pornographic films I keep in my special filing cabinet. I understand how Kim feels. In the wonderful world of movies you choke a chick and she loves it. In real life I find this choke -> love equation to work only 20% of the time, with the other 80% involving the police or angry family members. I think I’ll stick to my current white van surprise street grab method, thank you very much.

(via CagePotato)

  • Garp2 says:

    In order to properly understand the gravity of this issue and the severity of the accusations against the former Mrs. Couture I believe we require photos of the personal assistant.
    Preferably scantily clad photos.

  • Omomatta says:

    20% huh? I can tell you’re an Atheist. If you hung around the church run off scene it would be a solid 40-45%.

  • glassjawsh says:

    all girls like being choked during sex, 80% of them just don’t know it yet

    edit: i would choke the shit out of kim couture because i hate her and am also attracted to her. in my experience this usually leads to something great.

    the scientifically sound mathematical proof is as follows:

    hating a bitch + her being hot/crazy + erotic asphyxia = best sex ever

  • Symbul says:

    Shit, why’s TMZ gotta let us down on this one?

  • 32hunter says:

    nothing involving Kim is sexy, imo.