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Kim Couture wasn’t medically cleared to fight

It looks like the referee’s late stoppage in this past weekend’s Kim Couture / Sheila Bird fight isn’t the only commission controversy we’re going to see. Apparently, Kim was on medical suspension with the NJSAC when she fought:

According to a report by MMAJunkie, representatives from both the Association of Boxing Commissions and the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board say that Couture shouldn’t have been allowed to fight by the Calgary Combative Sports Commission as she still has not been cleared from an indefinite suspension levied by an NJSACB physician after her unanimous decision loss to Munah Holland at Ring of Combat 32 in Atlantic City in October.

The New Jersey commission says it informed Couture that she was required to submit a CT scan that showed no breaks or fractures to her facial bones before the suspension would be lifted, but they still have not received the test results. According to both the fighter and NJACB legal counsel Nick Lembo, Couture did submit a doctor’s report regarding surgery she underwent in February to repair the broken jaw she sustained in her first professional fight, but Lembo stressed that the report was not a substitute for the required documents they needed to take her off of the ABC suspension list.

“Very late in the game, and the wrong paperwork,” Lembo said. “So, simply put, Calgary and Kim were notified that we were not lifting the suspension.”

According to ABC president Tim Lueckenhoff, both Couture and the CCSC are to blame, and as such, both could well face sanctions from the universal governing body.

It seems like Kim gets stomped so bad every time she fights, she’s always on medical suspension somewhere. Broken jaw, broken nose, broken overall face, it’s always something. At least if New Jersey suspends her over knowingly fighting without the proper clearance, she might get the rest of the year off without having someone putting their foot through her skull.

(image via Charles Penner of Combat Captured)