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Is Kim Couture gonna have to choke a bitch?

This news has been floating around since yesterday but I wanted to wait a bit before posting about it to confirm it was a real story and not a fake or publicity stunt: Kim Couture was arrested over the weekend for ‘domestic violence’ after allegedly beating up on her personal assistant: confirmed the arrest with Barbara Morgan from the Office of Public Information with the Las Vegas Police Department.

“I can confirm that in the evening hours of May 29 we responded to a residence in the South West part of the valley reference a domestic dispute,” said Officer Morgan. “Officers arrived, determined that a battery occurred, and Kim was arrested for Domestic Violence.”

The office said no further reports would be released about her arrest.

According to sources, Couture, who was arrested under her legal name of Kimberly Holderman, got into a dispute with her personal assistant and the resulting actions led to her arrest.

I had been wondering what the fuck her real last name was for a while now … nothing like a police report to get to the bottom of things. More details on the situation come from MMA News Leak, who broke the story:

MMANewsleak has talked to Kim Couture regarding the events of this past weekend as reported by MMANewsleak. Ms. Couture stated that the entire event was a misunderstanding and that her lawyers are handling the situation. Ms. Couture also expects that this matter will be resolved without any further intervention by authorities or the courts.

And included this poorly worded but interesting tidbit about Kim’s current attempt to stay relevant in MMA:

Ms. Couture posted bail and has been released from the Clark County Detention Center and is training today at her all-female gym. She is also in the process of opening an all-female MMA gym where female fighters can train and assembling an all-female fight team known as the Vixen Crew.

The ‘Vixen Crew’ seems like it’s made up of Kim, former playboy bunny LaTasha Marzolla, boxers Michele Gutierrez and Jessica Rakoczy, and muay thai fighter Catia Vitoria (who just took out Elena ‘Baby Doll’ Reid two months ago). You can find out more about them at their Facebook page.