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Kim Couture crashes TNA; nobody cares

( “>”Boobs!”)

“Bound for Glory”, Total Nonstop Action’s answer to Wrestlemania, had a surprise guest appearance by Kim Couture. The idea stemmed from the e-feud she is ankle deep in with TNA’s Tara – Victoria of the WWE for the uninitiated. Both parties probably agreed to do the angle based on the mutual benefits. Couture’s name value combined with Tara’s intentions to compete in MMA seemingly made another avenue for successful cross-over.

Kim has a fight coming up next month; Tara wants to fight before the end of the year; Strikeforce and TNA are both companies that see the logical no-harm-no-foul approach to blending fighting with wrestling. Throw the two ladies in a brawl during the wrestling promotion’s biggest show of the year and everybody wins, right?

Well, there was one minor hitch: they didn’t mention Kim. For cereal. They even did cut-aways to make it seem like a real fan jumped into the ring, “shoot” style. Leave it to Vince Russo to ruin an angle that was straight handed to him with a gold bow and money wrapping paper. From The Wrestling Observer news update:

–Kim Couture worked the angle with Tara from last night’s Bound for Glory on her Twitter account, acting like she wants a fight in Strikeforce. There is zero buzz in either the pro wrestling world or the MMA world coming off the angle. They tried to play it too cute, and in panning the cameras away and not identifying, virtually no wrestling fans really knew or cared. Plus, it’s not like Kim Couture is any kind of an MMA name or real celebrity. I suppose it’ll be acknowledged on TV on Thursday.

You hear that? It’s the collective sigh of both pro-wrestling and MMA fans. This could’ve been semi-amusing for both, but we just got slapped upside the face with some more of Vince Russo’s genius. He turned a fresh story – WWE wouldn’t touch something like this with a 25 centimeter pole – into a fizzle of who cares by the time it started. Even Kim Couture seems apathetic on her account of the events on Twitter. There isn’t even a video up anywhere. Barring a team-up with Bobby Lashley against Tara and Mick Foley, this will be the most attention anyone will ever give any of this, and rightfully so.

(Rant from my inner mark: in the item under that one, Meltzer says Paul London was also at the show. Why couldn’t we get the mini-Christian Bale “>and his sick promos into the MMA fold instead?)