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You know a news story is gonna be good when it’s got a headline like “Shocking pictures show tearful five-year-olds forced to fight in kickboxing contests”

A blonde-haired girl with her hands strapped into boxing gloves sobs at the side of the ring.

In another image her twin brother takes a direct hit to the face from a sparring partner.

Miah and Kian Flanagan are just five years old.

But already they are seasoned fighters, taking part in an alarmingly fast-growing ‘sport’ that pits children against other children in the terrifying public arena of the boxing ring.

Nothing wrong with a bit of crying in the ring. Just ask Pat Barry. Oh, and yeah this story is from a year and a half ago and I’m just posting it up for comedy relief. Is it messed that I find this funny? Well, keep in mind this ‘article’ is the Daily Mail and they could sensationalize a sandwich into a Super Hitler Sandwich that molests children and lives on the dole.