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Kidfights! Kidfights! Kidfights!

Oh, the fun media question “How young is too young for mixed martial arts?” Of course, this question is always alongside footage of kids who many fuddy duddies will consider way too young:

Her sons started training in martial arts at ages four and six. Danny is 13 and Alan is 11 now. Both have had cage fights. Too young?

“That’s just an opinion,” Alan quickly answered.

Danny fought a 20-year-old in his first cage fight and won. Alan does well inside the cage, too.

“I almost knocked my opponent out,” said Alan. “He was stumbling.”

At least this news piece doesn’t get too sensationalized. Kickboxing legend John Wayne Parr wasn’t so lucky when Fox Sports in Australia decided to portray his daughter’s first kickboxing bout as some sort of crazy brutal deathmatch:

It was a fight surrounded by controversy, but as Jasmine, the pint-sized daughter of eight-time world champion kickboxer John Wayne Parr, prepared for her first step into the ring there was nothing but support.

Both girls were kitted out with headgear, shin pads and 16-ounce (450g) gloves, but before the fight, spokeswoman for Australian brain injury organisation Synapse, Anna Petrou, said brain injury could be acquired from minimal force and headgear would not offer complete protection.

“It doesn’t take a lot of force for the brain to be impacted,” she said.

“For the girls … it might not be the initial impact but (they) could lose their balance and fall … which could impact them.”

Yes that’s right: lock up your kids. If they fall over and hit their heads, they could get brain damage! Helmets for all! All the time! All the media attention painted Parr as a shitty dad and he had to take his fight online to cut through the bullshit about his daughter training:

In Australia we have a female Prime Minister and female State Leader’s, who all had a dream to be in parliament, they would of made that decision through influences through friends and family to push as hard as they could until they reached the top, sometime they would of been so stressed they might have even shed a tear?

Jasmine is a girl growing up, why can’t a 8yo girl have a dream of being a world champion martial artist. If she did decided to keep doing it, she would be eating healthy, staying fit, having confidence in her self and keep her off the streets when she hits teenage years, by the time she is a teenager she will be able to stand up for herself if attacked by herself.

If you don’t want girls fighting then you would rather the girls underage drinking and drugs and getting into trouble. I don’t understand why Australia and the world can’t see why this isn’t a great thing for the younger generation. The world is imploding on it’s self and your worried a 8yo girl who is keeping fit and training side by side with her Mum and Dad 5 nights a week.

Amen, brother. The world needs more kids doing cool shit like martial arts. Whatever keeps them off my damn lawn.