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Kid Yamamoto returns to MMA

Up until about a year ago I didn’t really pay attention to much outside of the UFC and PRIDE. As far as I was concerned, if you weren’t in one of the big orgs then you weren’t worth watching. There are two people who changed my mind on this: Kid Yamamoto from HEROs and Clay Guida from Strikeforce.

Of course, you all know that Clay Guida is busy in the UFC getting fucked over again and again. But Yamamoto hasn’t fought in over a year now, because he was busy trying to fulfill his dreams or some shit of fighting in the Olympics. Fortunately for us MMA fans, he was injured in a wrestling competition and missed his chance. While there hasn’t been any official announcements of his return to MMA, he’s been sighted down at AKA training. Which is all this fanboy needs to get the Yamamoto bandwagon up and running again!

If you have never seen Yamamoto, I put a highlight vid of him after the jump. He’s like a midget with rabies.