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Kid Yamamoto returns to K1 MAX

Kid Yamamoto is preparing for his return to the ring, but not for MMA. Instead he’ll be competing July 13th on the next K-1 MAX card – that’s “Middleweight Artistic Xtreme” for those of you who were wondering. I can’t watch K1 Max because it’s the Tiger Beat of combat sports and the cacaphony of squealing Japanese girls drives me nuts like one of those high frequency dog whistles. But I might have to make an exception to see Kid’s fight.

One big question going into this is how Kid will fare in kickboxing. He comes into this fight with a 1-2 record and his last fight in 2005 did not end well, as you can see from the above video. To find out what the score was, Midsy talked to Michael Schiavello who does the english commentary for K1 events. I guess he impressed everyone so much with his work on the last DREAM event that he’s now considered the go to guy for intelligent K1 information. Can you imagine someone calling Kenny Rice up and asking him an MMA related question?

Anyways, enough Rice mockery. Here’s what Shiavello had to say about Kid’s return to K1 MAX:

In the online FEG fan poll as to who people most wanted Masato to fight, Kid was voted second behind Tatsuya Kawajiri. That speaks volumes for Kid’s popularity among K-1 MAX fans, as we already know how ridiculously popular he is in DREAM.

So him fighting on July 13 is a win-win for the fans, for FEG, for TBS as a broadcaster and for Kid. I mean, you’re going to have Masato and Kid on the same card. That’s a wet dream for every Japanese fight fan and most fight fans around the world.

The Zambidis fight was at 70kg (154 pounds) and the July 13 fight will be at 62kg (136 pounds), which is more to Kid’s liking, and against a far less credentialled opponent than Zambidis. With FEG developing the 60kg lightweights as their next brand, it’s smart to have Kid in there floating around that weight in stand up.

Sounds like they’re trying to build Kid back up a little bit, but then again I could have sworn that’s also what they were trying to do when they slotted him against Joe Warren in the DREAM featherweight tournament. And we all saw how that turned out.