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Kid Yamamoto drops another decision

Man, what happened to the scrappy Kid Yamamoto of the past? We saw a glimpse of him in the third round but by then he was already well on his way to a decision loss. The rest of the time we saw a relatively tentative Kid get out-pressured by a much larger Masanori Kanehara. On top of a size and reach disadvantage, Yamamoto also had problems with the ring during the fight, falling through the ropes twice while gunning for guillotines. And last but not least he was repeatedly rocked and dropped during the fight.

Masanori Kanehara wins via judge’s decision, and Kid Yamamoto goes 0-3 in 2009 with one KO loss from a K-1 bout and now 2 decision losses in MMA. I think you can add Kid to the growing list of guys who kicked ass back in 2006 (so long ago it seems sometimes!) but probably won’t have a place among the elite moving forward into this new decade.