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Kickboxing cosplay

On April 21st, K1 will be holding it’s WorldMAX 2009 tournament (the MAX stands for Middleweight Artistic Xtreme). Included in the bracket is cosplay weirdo Yuichiro Nagashima (12-1), who will be going up against former MAX tournament winner Albert Kraus (75-14-3). The Sankaku Complex cosplay site has been keeping close tabs on Nagashima, and here’s some info they shared from a recent article:

Yuichiro first excused himself for being half an hour late to the interview, saying “It’s not Akihabara, so I got lost.” He appeared dressed as Shana, of Shakugan no Shana.

“Shana is a pretty strong character… There’s no particular reason I’m cosplaying her, just because she’s cute.”

The super welterweight champion goes on: “I’ve been practicing wearing a wig on my own.”

His next match will be against Albert “The Hurricane” Kraus, a wicked Dutch kickboxer who threatens to denude Yuichiro of his prized vestments: “If I win, I’m taking Nagashima’s costume home with me!”

Yuichiro is defiant in the face of this bluster: “These costumes are more precious to me than my own life – it’s impossible for him to take them from me. I’ll stop him even if I have to risk my life! When I win, I’d like to take something of Albert-ojisan’s…”

He goes on with his riposte: “Albert-ojisan is very macho, so I think I’d like to make him cosplay in a revealing outfit. Perhaps he’d change in the ring for us?” He points to a picture of Yoko he had on his person for some reason.

Waaaay more pictures of Yuichiro at that site … if you dare!!! I love cosplay … either it manifests itself in uber-hot shit like this or funny weirdo shit like Yuichiro Nagashima and Hikaru Sato.