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Keyboard experts rule.

Sherdog don’t know shit … fucking posers. And finally I’m not the only guy to point it out. Luke over at Bloody Elbow rips into Mike Sloan for dismissing the concept of overtraining:

When you have sore muscles after a workout, it’s generally because you’ve actually torn part of the muscle fibers. That has to happen for growth as new tissue is created to repair and replace the existing damaged/exercised tissue. This is why rest is so important. When strength and conditioning coaches tell you to ice up, stretch out and get rest, that’s not a talking point. That’s real advice. For Sloan to argue that the idea of “overtraining” seems absurd on the face is indicative of someone who likely spends very little time in the gym. That’s not a knock per se until you realize he’s challenging Randy Couture and has a job where he talks about fighting.

Of course, I would have spent less time explaining the specifics and more time throwing around words like ‘moron’, ‘lazy bitch’, and ‘ignorant fuck’. But Luke’s got his own style and I’ve got mine so it’s all good.

  • Jonathan says:

    Hasn’t everyone realized that Randy Couture = MMA God on Earth? I mean, tell me one guy that is liked MORE THAN Randy Couture?

    I can’t think of one.

  • intenso says:

    not one reference to cheetos in this post?