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Kevin Randleman’s near death experiences

After everything Kevin Randleman has gone through over the past five years, it amazes me that he’s still able to get cleared by one of the nit pickiest athletic commissions in America. We’ve talked about a lot of the shit that happened to him in the past two years, but Brian Linder of the Times and Democrat has an article which summarizes all his medical mishaps in one place:

“I threw a right hook and tore a tendon in my shoulder,” Randleman said. “That’s what started it. Then, a week after that, I tore my right bicep and they had to go back in and redo my shoulder and bicep. Shortly after that, my lungs collapsed on me.”

Randleman had Coccidiomycosis, also known as Valley fever. It’s a sickness — activated in Randleman’s system while training in the hot climates of Brazil — that sounds both horrific and painful.

“Everybody in the world has it in their system,” Randleman said. “It just takes something to activate it. What activated it for me was the hot climates. I was in Brazil training, and the doctor said I had this for a long time because it was one of the worst they had ever seen. My lungs got incased by fungus and it was just too much weight and my lungs collapsed.”

Randleman said doctors removed around a pound of fungus from his chest.

“Think of a scab on your knee except I had a scab all the way around my left lung and partially my right lung,” he said. “So, they had to go in, and they didn’t have to take my lung out, per se, but they had to rip the fungus off of my lungs which is just like raw meat. So, it was bleeding and I was in the hospital for about a month and a half. Yeah. It sucked. Very painful.”

Three months later, the staph infection started popping up. It began as a pimple that constantly leaked fluid. It would go away for a while and re-appear.

“Every three months I had surgery for the staph infection,” Randleman said. “About two and a half years later (2007), I finally got a big staph infection on the right side, underneath my arm pit for training.”

Randleman developed a contusion during training and was taking repeated kicks to the side. One kick freed the bad blood of the contusion and the staph infection into his bloodstream.

“The bad blood and the infection got into my blood stream and started shutting down my organs,” he said. “My kidney, my liver and all that stuff were failing on me and I went into a coma.”

Normally I try not to quote this much from the articles I’m linking to, but there’s a lot more where that comes from. Read the entire article for all the details, it’s pretty fucking crazy.