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Kevin Randleman is pissed about ducking claims

I have no idea why anyone is shocked that Kevin Randleman turned down a fight with Rafael ‘Feijao’ Cavalcante for Strikeforce’s June event. Randleman is a busted up 37 year old in the twilight of his career and Feijao is a much younger wrecking ball who both Anderson Silva and Big Nog consider their protege. Perhaps if Randleman was just looking for another quick paycheck before disappearing again, then I could understand him taking the fight. But if you’re looking to put together a comeback of some sort, then taking on a lesser known but insanely dangerous Feijao is about the worst fight to agree to.

But rather than explain reasonably that the Feijao fight just isn’t the right fit right now, Kevin Randleman instead decided to react to accusations of ducking with the following:

“I’m a fucking man and no one will ever question that because I am a man before I am a fighter and to have some pussy that sits behind a computer all day question my manhood pisses me off…This shit didn’t get under my skin, but it’s funny how most of these so-called experts have never been punched in the face. Hell, most of them have never had a fight before. I’ve been doing this shit since before half of them motherfucker’s knew what the UFC was and now they’re trying to call me a pussy.”

“I want this dude and any so-called journalist that talks shit about fighters to step to me when they see me at an event and let me know that they are the guy that printed an article like this and I will spit in his fucking face…I’m not Rampage. I will go to jail for beating your ass. No one will ever call me a pussy to my face and I bet this fucking guy wouldn’t talk none of this shit if he saw me in person. If he told me some shit like that to my face, I would spit in his face and I wouldn’t care if he had a 270-pound monkey with him because I’m a gorilla. I earn my respect every morning when I get up and go to the gym and I’m not going to be disrespected by any man, especially one that has never had a fight before in his life!”

As for who those keyboard warriors were who gave Randleman the written stinkeye for turning down the Feijao fight, that would be MMA Fanhouse, MMA Mania, and Cage Potato. I was gonna post something about it but … well, you know how shitty coverage has been around here the past week or so. But for reference’s sake, my take on the situation was “Kevin Randleman shows some common sense for once.”