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Kevin Iole thinks Dana and the Fertittas didn’t mourn loudly enough

You have to be a real cocksucker to criticize the way people react to Evan Tanner’s death. Oh, hai Kevin Iole:

I contacted UFC president Dana White on Monday for a response and didn’t receive an answer. Though has a story by Thomas Gerbasi announcing Tanner’s death, there is no comment in that story from anyone connected with the UFC.

When ex-light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was arrested in July, White was on a plane to Southern California within an hour of learning the news. UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta or White (or both) should have acknowledged Tanner’s death with a statement on Monday. They look very bad for having seemingly ignored the tragedy.

Hopefully, the UFC will acknowledge his passing with an appropriate tribute at its next show. It’s the least they could do.

So let’s see: Kevin called the peeps at the UFC and didn’t get a response. So he assumes that Dana White and Fertittas are uncaring shitheads because they didn’t put quotations around some of the Tanner statements released on over the past few days. How dare Dana not fly out somewhere to show people that he truly cares?

What the fuck.

Sometimes I forget what a cocksucker Kevin Iole can be. We decided to do the whole Tannerlinker thing but we very nearly decided to leave the whole thing alone for personal reasons. Who is anyone to judge anyone for a perceived lack of caring when they don’t even know the real situation? People deal with that kind of shit differently, and to accuse someone of disrespect because they didn’t live up to YOUR perception of what is appropriate is lame. Writing an article like Kevin Iole’s finger wagging the UFC is even lamer. Congrats Kevin Iole on reminding me why I think you’re a total fuck.