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Kevin Iole rides again

Luke Thomas has been on a tear with the mainstream media, schoolin’ fools and taking numbers. But this is the best yet. I could try and quote it or re-write it or whatever but in this case I couldn’t do it the service that Luke just did. Seriously. Go check it out.

  • Wow does Iole work for the New York Times too?

  • islandguy says:

    yeah fightlicker. You never got anything wrong. Did you?

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    Ryan isn’t paid to be right. He’s paid to entertain us.

  • When I fuck up with facts and names etc I always issue corrections – and I’m just some retarded shmoe blogger. I fuck up the three Thiagos on a regular basis, and I mix up James and Josh Thompson / Thomson’s names too. But every time I’ll issue a correction at the bottom of the post, or write a new post if I’m especially wrong.

    Now we’ve got this article up … do you think Kevin will
    a) take it down
    b) correct it and pretend the mistake never happened
    c) fix it and add a paragraph to the bottom regarding the mistake.

  • jakey says:

    this shit wouldnt happen if microsoft owned yahoo

  • ^ no they’s charge you to use yahoo and it would crash daily.

  • asdfasd says:

    islandguy is a fucktard. Kevin Iole is a ‘professional’ journalist, he should check his facts. It’s not just one mistake from ‘banking’ to ‘baking’, he wrote about ‘high-finance’ and shit too. Just fucking idiotic.

    You can’t even speak correct English.

  • Atom says:

    If Iole is a professional journalist, you could easily argue that Ryan is one as well. And Ryan does screw up the names ALOT. Even more if you listen to the radio show.

  • My god. Society is going down the toilet when people can consider me a journalist.