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Kevin Iole Retard Watch

I want to apologize to the average MMA fans who come here for general MMA news. We’ve been spending a lot of time talking backroom politics and business bullshit, and I promise that the moment something actually involving fighting happens, we’ll be the first to talk about it. Oh what? Werdum vs Gonzaga in January? Okay, I’ll try to find something funny to say on that which isn’t racist towards Brazilians.

Now onto a new feature we’re calling “The Kevin Iole Retard Watch”. The point of this is to point out every single stupid thing Kevin says. Well … if we were to do that, we’d just be reprinting most of Kevin’s articles here. I’ll leave that bitter rancid pill for the MMAJunkie guys to swallow. For now, here’s Kevin’s latest round of mistakes from his mailbag:

  1. Said Ryo Chonan was a middleweight. Oh if only this were true, then it would mean Karo Parisyan had moved up a weight class to fight him. Karo as a middleweight would be awesome … perhaps he’d actually get a title shot then? But alas this isn’t the case because Kevin Iole is a retard who probably looked Ryo Chonan up on the Sherdog Fight Finder. Chonan has moved down to welterweight.
  2. Claimed fans called him a liar over the signing bonus thing. No, fans called Kevin a liar over the claim that Randy’s contract would pay him 13 to 15 million. This ‘fact’ was spread across the fight community to such a degree that many think Randy’s decision to hold a press conference was mainly to rebut the bullshit information Kevin ‘reported’.
  3. Claimed “I’m not sure how I made Couture out to be a bad guy” and then followed up with this statement: “I believed from the first moment, that this was an issue about money. I’m not faulting Couture for wanting more money; but you’re denying the obvious if you think it’s anything but that”. Jeez, how could that make Couture look like the bad guy?????
  4. Our final retard watch post is to point out how obviously in Dana’s pocket Kevin Iole is. Kevin once again shows his insider status by casually dropping the fact that he was in Dana White’s office on Monday looking at Randy’s paychecks. This is on top of the several phone calls where Kevin allows Dana to rebut what Randy Couture is saying. Contrary to standard reporting procedure, Kevin didn’t bother to get in touch with Randy to see what his take was.

On top of this all, I like how Kevin’s article ends mid-sentence. Although to be fair, this mistake might be the fault of some 10 dollar an hour web monkey. Hope you enjoyed this issue of “Kevin Iole Retard Watch”. We’ll see you next time (and every time) Kevin writes a dumb article regarding MMA.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    And thus, Fightlinker has enough material to last forever.

  • Evan Tanner hasn’t been as entertaining as he was when he was a drunk

  • Fair and Balanced says:

    hey linker

    first time poster, long-time reader and fan of most of your writing. however, i gotta disagree on this iole killing you’ve been doing.

    deep breath. here we go.

    at least iole has the stones to show his face at xtreme couture during Randy’s press conference – in the front row – after iole wrote that stuff about randy’s contract. you’ve got to give him credit for not hiding behind the keyboard. the dude didn’t write anything cheap and nasty about randy or his family, just about his apparent pay for all things.

    and iole also had written in a story or two (someone help me out here with a link) that he wasn’t getting returned calls from either randy or his agent so he was trying to get both sides along the way which sort of goes against what you wrote above. you think iole shows his face front-row at xtremem but isn’t trying to get facts from randy and company? let’s be fair here.

    yeah, iole appears to have insider access and maybe it’s not cuz he loves “some o dat ‘stuff” but rather he has been in the journalism game for over 20 years. you acquire some decent contacts along the way.

    now whether or not iole had wrong information is still to be decided since we only know about randy’s pay for two fights. who knows what the escalator clauses are for fights 3 and 4 (thank you mmapayout for making me a smarter fightlinker reader), and what other pay may have been in that contract for the back-end of the agreement’s term. and frankly we still haven’t seen randy’s real contract since looking at un-signed exhibits that randy showed and looking at checks that ufc cashed isn’t enough for me.

    you can bash mma writers all you want for silly mistakes about MW vs WW but “retard” stuff and “some o dat” may be crossing the line.

    have you tried interviewing iole for his side. that would be interesting to read here.

    keep up the funny stuff

  • Your DNS resolves to within… does that mean you work at Yahoo? I don’t really mind either way … the source doesn’t taint the content (something I’ve always said even in regards to Kevin’s work). So here’s the other side:

    I’ve got Kevin Iole on my RSS feeds … I read all his boxing work and in general I find it to be very astute and informed, which is why I’m amazed he’s so terrible with MMA. But that’s the case because Kevin is a boxing guy who’s just started covering MMA in depth. He doesn’t have the same level of knowledge as tons of other guys covering MMA (often for free and 1/1000th the traffic).

    I’m never gonna say that Kevin doesn’t have balls … he lives in Las Vegas and has so far basically defamed Wanderlei Silva and Chuck Liddell. I wouldn’t say half the shit I say if I was within driving distance of half the fighters I shit talk … okay yeah I would, but I wouldn’t show up at their press conference the week after). But that’s besides the point. I’m not taking Kevin to task for being a coward, that’s a dumb MMA trap I don’t subscribe to.

    Kevin is a journalist and while columnists aren’t held up to the same standards as straight news reporters, there’s still a certain amount of objectivity that is supposed to be observed. Iole has a spectacular amount of leaning toward whatever Dana White wants him to say. It’s been shown again and again, and every time he does it I’ve written about it. On the other side of the coin, when Kevin Iole took the UFC to task for the steroids issue, I sided with him and complemented him on it.

    So in short: Iole has said way too many dumb things for me not to rag on him personally. But I don’t discount everything he says (although considering the number of times he has been wrong, the mma blogosphere no longer takes his word as anything even close to definate truth any more), and if he says something right I won’t disagree just because I don’t like him.

    Down the road when Fightlinker is a bit bigger, I’d love to talk with Kevin and interview him. I think it would be rather similar to the whole Jon Stewart / Crossfire interview.

  • Jeff says:

    I agree…this is a pointless and stupid commentary on this websites part.

    Iole has done some great things in journalism for MMA and Boxing and while there were some mistaken numbers in his article, I think he did a pretty good job.

    Saying Randy wants more money is not making him out to be a bad guy. I want more money, you probably want more money and I dont think either of us are bad guys.

    If you would like to something on Iole, contact him and ask for an interview. Then you can ask him about all about what you believe to be his shortcomings and write something interesting and productive.

    So hopefully you stop this segment

  • Xavier says:

    “Contrary to standard reporting procedure”



    Oh, I wish. I so wish. Seriously, when you deal with reporters, you find that Iole’s not contacting Randy for comment IS standard reporter procedure and not out of this world. Seriously, journalists are shit. I could list off a couple… thousand?… times when I’ve not been contacted for comment on stories. It’s annoying to the extreme, but don’t act like Iole is doing something out of this world… almost all of them do that now-a-days. Fucking annoying.

    And yeah, the Iole hate has gotten a little overbearing lately.

  • The Yahoo sports staff is just as retarded for employing this dumbshit. It also shows how much the think about the sport to put a former short bus passanger reporter as their main contributor.

  • Jeff says:

    Xavier, for every thousand journalists you can name that are shit, I can name a thousand that are good.

    While I understand that some of the writers at this site understand standard journalist procedures, I am sure you do not. I highly doubt you went to school for journalism, but I could be wrong.

    Iole could have done better with the Couture story, but have you read his boxing articles? Anything other than his recent articles because he has 20+ years of experience. If you want changes in the coverage of the sport you know so much about, then you should become a journalist and do something about it.

  • Xavier says:

    “Xavier, for every thousand journalists you can name that are shit, I can name a thousand that are good. While I understand that some of the writers at this site understand standard journalist procedures, I am sure you do not. I highly doubt you went to school for journalism, but I could be wrong.”

    Yeah, I definitely don’t understand anything about journalism! Thanks for the random insult considering that you have no idea of my background. You can’t name a thousand good journalists, period. Good journalism is, for the most part, dead. If you are Jeff Comstock as I suspect as well, you’re not really one to talk about journalism. You’re a blogger. You’re not a journalist. Stop confusing the two.

    Being that most of the “schools of Journalism” are staffed with well, less than stellar journalists to begin with as teachers, your little statement there is silly. It’s also an appeal for authority (Logical fallacies = fun) rather than a logical argument. Learning is fun.

    Now go learn how to live-blog a press conference correctly.

  • smoogy says:

    So you have to be a fellow journalist now to see that Iole consistently provides a one-sided view of everything he reports on? Sounds like a bunch of snobby bullshit to me.

    Keep it real Fightlinker.

  • Jeff says:

    No, what I am saying is just because a catholic priest molests a boy doesn’t mean they should all be thrown in that category.

    No I am not this blogger you think I am, and I am not a professional journalist either. I am simply a fan of MMA and understand that any coverage at this point is good for the sport so it can continue to grow. I think you need to re-evaluate your view on journalism though since there are plenty of excellent publications.

    Read Sports Illustrated, National Geographic…any number of trade journals have excellent reporting so I would just try to take a much more open-minded approach and to not let pesimistic view points take control of some good educated reporting that still exists.

    I am sure whatever you do for a living is complicated and takes time and hard work and deserves the respect of people. I feel most professions deserve to be respected and I would suggest refraining from demolishing a whole institution because of one man’s reporting.

    So instead of focusing on all the bad journalism you see, focus on the good you can find, because it is there.

  • Xavier says:

    It is there, but it is rare. Putting your head in the sand going “la la la don’t criticize professions” is kind of a weird happy Sally thing to even bother writing.

  • Angry Jay says:

    I’d still like to know where ol’ penis-breath got his figures from. Could Dirty Dana really have given him the New Jersey backhand while whispering sweet-nothing-figures into his ears for him to report?

  • Kevin Iole says:

    If a fighter’s last fight is at middleweight than they are a middleweight fighter. Do you honestly think that if Ryo Chonan beats Karo Parisyan that he (Ryo) wouldn’t move up for a rematch with Anderson Silva? In the welterweight division Ryo will only be the number #4 or #5 contender, in the middleweight division he would be the #1 contender.

    Give me a break.

  • Xavier says:

    Oh no, Kevin Iole posted. The entire MMA blogging ass-licking circle-jerk scene is going to ASSSPLODDDDDDEEEEEE at the evils! Darth Vader is here, oh snap, watch out Rebel wordpress alliance.

    Good pieces Iole, nice job with the mailbag, that’s a cool feature. Tell Meltzer pro-wrestling sucks and to drop it completely and tell Dana to stop dogging Karo with crap fights, the man deserves his long-overdue title shot. Armenians4life.

  • Seriously, try checking a fact every once in a while, that’s all anyone has asked of you.

  • That wasn’t Kevin Iole. Kevin Iole is in england covering a boxing bout. This poster is from New Brunswick. Regardless, whoever that is, their point is not very good. Ryo Chonan is fighting in the welterweight division. Iole tried to point out that Chonan was a good addition to the middleweight division. WRONG!

  • Accomando says:

    “…Kevin Iole is in england covering a boxing bout…”

    Kessler (42-0) vs. Calzaghe (39-0) In a unification bout FREE on HBO this Saturday.

    I’ll be taping it, actually going to the IFL Grand Prix, just to watch Bart beat Horodecki, and I heard Couture will be there conering a fighter, maybe I’ll heckle him.

  • Yeah I’m gonna watch it too, should be good.

  • kentyman says:

    God, please no more “No I know more about journalism!” pissing contests like this one.

    ‘Linker, dog on Iole all you want. The day this site stops ripping on douches is the day I’ll think going to journalism school is somehow impressive.

  • Accomando says:

    “…‘Linker, dog on Iole all you want. The day this site stops ripping on douches is the day I’ll think going to journalism school is somehow impressive….”

    Hillarious, I concure.