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Kevin Iole, I wish I could hate you to death

You’ll notice around here at Fightlinker that we love post trends. For a while we were all about Tito Ortiz and The Ultimate Fighter. Then we were on steroids, then Evan Tanner, then Loretta Hunt’s birth cannon (the clock is ticking, Loretta). For a while we were all about hating Kevin Iole, and then we decided it was passe because everyone else hates him too. Plus he’s like a distant inbred relative of our boys at MMAJunkie now, so we were trying to be nice. But sometimes this guy releases such smarmy fucking articles that I just can’t help but bang my head against a desk and pray for the Allah of MMA to cut off this infidel’s head.

Case in point, check out this article on the UFC76 post event press conference. Or you could just call it the ‘Kevin Iole licks poop off Dana White’s heel for two pages’ article. Here’s some highlights:

White had the answer – which he’s long had – which is to make the best fights. For years, he was unable to do that as the former owners of the Pride Fighting Championship were unwilling to pit their best against the UFC’s best.

They built this mystical belief in their company among a small cadre of passionate and loud fans.

It’s never made sense, because a good fight is a good fight, whether it’s promoted by Pride, the UFC or the Triple-A leagues like Elite XC and Bodog Fight.

When Zuffa, the UFC’s parent company, bought Pride in the spring, White gloated because he said he’d be able to make the fights he’s never been able to make.

And those fights are going to be the way to identify the best fighters in the world.

He’s going to match No. 1 vs. No. 2 in division after division on card after card. And after a year or two of those types of cards, the best fighters will be obvious.

Perhaps then, these silly Pride vs. UFC arguments can end.

Believe me, it’s long overdue.

Okay first off, Kevin Iole isn’t allowed to say anything in MMA is long overdue. Kevin Iole wishing the whole Pride vs UFC debate was over is like a new recruit getting off the chopper in Iraq telling an Iraqi citizen “I wish this war was over!” Now I’m not saying Kevin isn’t allowed to make statements like this because he’s only been a UFC fan for three months. But don’t throw this “Believe me” shit in there. No, Kevin. We don’t believe you. Because you’re wrong all the time and just regurgitate what you’re told.

Now onto lickspittle territory: “White had the answer – which he’s long had – which is to make the best fights.” OH MY FUCKING GOD. That anyone has the audacity to say this shit after an event featuring Liddell/Jardine and Rua/Griffin makes my blood boil. Just because these squash matches didn’t go as planned doesn’t absolve the UFC for putting them together. Jardine and Griffin were sacrificial lambs who were being fed to the UFC’s more valuable properties. If anything, the fact that these matches were ever booked PROVES the “Dana puts the best vs the best” argument is complete and utter bullshit. Maybe it makes sense with Dana’s fuck flute up your rectum, but I wouldn’t know … Dana doesn’t return my calls.

Anyways, I’m off to Little Jamaica to see if I can find an especially dumb looking voodoo doll.

  • garth says:

    Iole looks kind of like a parsnip. you could shave the green bit off the top and polish it up a little.

  • PRIDE deeeead says:

    So you were a PRIDE fan, huh? Why do you guys always assume you can read Dana’s mind?

    Maybe, just maybe, Dana knew that the matchups weren’t as lopsided as you (mistakenly) did. Maybe he gave those 2 guys to Chuck and Shogun because he knew Chuck and Shogun were overrated and that these would be competitive matches.

    And look at that, they were very competitive. These weren’t flash KO upsets, these were 3 round wars.

  • Drehog says:

    Are you kidding me, PRIDE deeeead? Dana has been in bed w/ Chuck for ever. There’s no way in the world he thought Chuck would lose that fight or that he was overrated. Now his beloved Wandy vs. Chuck fight is all but dead

  • John says:

    Anyone know where i can find a Kevin Iole mask for halloween?

  • def says:

    Hey mr. FightLinker

    You are 100% right !!! This fuckin fat noob Iole say shit all the time. Who the fuck is this guy anyway ? He smelled dolars when big boom for UFC started in USA and the he suddenly start writing some shit like he is some mother fuckin expert ? ? ? God damit , mma fans are lucky there are still true mma writers like you or others blogers in US. Of course the bald men would be very happy if he could close UFC critics in jail. Sometimes he reminds me Adolf Hitler and Iole looks like Joseph Goebbels. Sorry for my bed english men .

  • Just an FYI, def’s from Amsterdam so I forgive the spelling and all that. If I wrote in dutch it would be … bad to say the least. I dunno about the whole Hitler thing but hey, you guys would know better than me I guess :-p Iole is a textbook example of a boxing guy who’s been moved over to MMA. There’s a lot of other guys like this but at least they don’t come in acting like they’re top shit or anything. It’s kinda sad though that Yahoo is probably pushing MMA the hardest and Kevin Iole probably has the best access of any journalist in the world right now. And this is what he does with his creds. For shame

  • steve24 says:

    Fightlinker: Are you serious? Kevin has been a fan for only 3 months?

  • Rollo the Cat says:

    There is one very good reason to pay attention to what Kevin Iole writes. Because he is a direct link to the mind of Dana White. Iole the journalist is a fictional character. He has no ontological status. He is a vehicle for Dana White to get his postions out into the mainstream media. So pay attention to Kevin and you’ll learn a lot about the UFC’s plans.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    dont forget that other yahoo mma expert, doyle. the one that looks like a cancer stricken version of jay glazer. “hey, i shaved my head. im a mma expert!”

  • I can’t put a specific date on when Iole started writing about MMA but it was fairly recently. The three months thing is more of a joke, but he hasn’t been around very long. I’ll do some digging to get the exact date.

  • steve24 says:

    I know he just started writing for MMA only a few months. Big difference if he’s only been watching it for a few months.

  • Xavier says:

    Pride sucked when it was alive, worked fights, no drug testing, freakshow fights. Anyone that speaks up against the prevailing “Pride = best!” idiocy online has a vote of confidence from me, whether they’re a fan for three years or three months.

    And if I were a sucker enough to join the American military and step off a helicopter in Iraq, you damn well better be sure I’d be bitching too. As would anyone dumb enough to join the military and get sucked into a shitty situation like that.

  • garth says:

    any progress on the voodoo parsnip?

  • S. Jennum says:

    Iole begain covering UFC for the Las Vegas paper back in 2001. But hey, don’t let little trivialities like “facts” get in the way of a good rant.

  • matt says:

    Iole is the worst. Testify my brothas.

    “Maybe it makes sense with Dana’s fuck flute up your rectum, but I wouldn’t know … Dana doesn’t return my calls.” = GOLD

  • Rory says:

    If Iole starting writing UFC in 2001 then he hasn’t learned anything in five years. He doesn’t even seem to know the basics of PRIDE.

  • S. Jennum says:

    Fightlinker should cut the pretenses and just put up a post that says “I’m jealous I don’t have Kevin Iole’s gig” and be done with it, so we don’t all get bored with this crap anymore.