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Kevin Iole has decided that Matt Hughes is done.

Sometimes I forget why I hate Kevin Iole. Back in our salad days of blogging, we used to rip him a new asshole on a nearly weekly basis. But since then we got a little bored of him … we got used to him parroting anything the UFC told him, we got used to him not fact checking half his shit, and we got used to him talking out his ass. But every so often he still writes something that makes my blood boil. Like this article on why Matt Hughes needs to retire.

There’s nary a paragraph in this entire article that won’t piss you off. Kevin twists statistics, ignores facts, and throws around a bunch of retarded hyperbole to try and justify his idiotic stance that Matt Hughes needs to retire … BEFORE HE GETS HURT. Should Hughes fight Serra so they can wrap up TUF? Not according to Kevin:

He clearly wants a fight with his bitter rival, Matt Serra, a fight UFC president Dana White said he’d make if Hughes wants it.

And while there was a time when most mixed martial arts experts thought Hughes would steamroll Serra, that time is long past. Hughes has now lost three of his last four and has been dominated in each of the losses.

Though the bad blood between the two, and Serra’s ability to chatter, would help sell the fight, it would be another of the WWE-type promotions that the sport is better off without. The UFC appeared to leave that behind when it was done with the Ken Shamrock-Tito Ortiz trilogy, and it has no need to go back to such events. The athletes are too good and the sport has evolved too much for it to rely on “feuds” to sell tickets.

And given that there has to be considered at least a decent possibility that Serra could win the fight, White needs to consider the fact that he wouldn’t be doing Hughes any favors by letting him get into the cage and get beaten up again. Certainly, he doesn’t need to be in with young, strong and athletic men like St. Pierre and Alves any more.

Hughes losing three of his past four is a lot less definitive when you realize two of those three losses came at the hands of Georges St Pierre. I still don’t know what planet you need to be on for a loss to Thiago Alves to be considered proof that you’re over the hill. The reason Hughes is 3-1 is because he keeps accepting hard as fuck fights so the UFC isn’t stuck with a shitty main event. That’s what happened with UFC 79, and again with UFC 85.

Are Hughes’ best days behind him? Yeah, I do think so. He’s not getting any better, but everyone else is. But considering how good he is, that still puts him in the top five of the UFC’s welterweight division. So to have people calling for his retirement is fucking lame.

  • Omomatta says:

    He even looks like a Penis, a big stupid Penis.

  • Hanzo Hattori says:

    Interesting how Joe Rogan was basically telling Matt Hughes that hes retired and now we have Dana White’s personal blogger/mma journalist writing an article about Matt being done. Conspiracy?!?
    Damn YOU Man…..
    Damn You for making me defend Matt Hughes.

  • asdfasd says:

    But because of his past legacy they’re not gonna give him cans, so he’ll only fight the best and get beat.

    IMO Hughes peaked long ago and he ain’t getting any better. His hands have always been nonexistent, his wrestling is what got him here, and they’re not up to competition level anymore. He’s training with Marc Fiore, same guy since forever. Meanwhile, EVERYONE else is training with Olympians, black belts etc. The status quo has changed. I’d still like to see him fight, but I feel he’ll just keep losing at this level.

  • Eric says:

    I will take Hughes over Serra 9 times out of 10. I can’t believe that people thinks he would lose. It is insane how quick the “inner circle” of MMA can turn on someone. Matt Hughes is the greatest welterweight in UFC history, and until surpassed by GSP will remain so. He deserves to fight Serra and go out with a win, and how dare some MMA tool Iole say any difference. Oh and by the way, check the numbers for those Ortiz Shamrock fights and tell me what feuds do for the sport.

  • goo says:

    People were retiring Chuck after losing to Jardine and I think Rich Franklin too after he lost to Silva again. If these guys are happy to keep fighting without much chance of getting their belts back then we should be ecstatic (except Joe Silva haha).
    I think its the gaps between individual fighters’ fights that make some writers come out with such ridiculous shit.

  • goo says:

    Oh, and why wasn’t Iole calling for Serra to retire when he assumed Hughes was going to fuck him up? Because he was never a champion? Ridiculous

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie says:

    Its kinda of weird watching Matt Hughes get out muscled. When he was dominant he was doing the muscling. It looked like Alves had great Takedown defence but I just think he was able to use brute strength to negate Hughes takedowns. That something Serra doesnt have being small for 170lbs.

  • Tertio says:

    The comment he made about the toughest part of this defeat was knowing his kids were watching the fight and his 2 yo having to watch the fight in a few years made me kinda sad.

    Didnt think id say that but i ll be rooting for him against Serra.

  • aaronb says:

    The fact that Alves didnt come CLOSE to making weight might have had something to do with him outmuscling Hughes. It’s almost a case where an up and comer can give himself every advantage possible in an effort to win a legacy making fight. Sure it cost him some money. But his likely title shot will more than make up for that.

  • Higgz says:

    I’m glad you responded to this article.

    Kevin Iole–more like Kevin…I…gjole…am stupid….ahhhhhhhhhhh I can’t stand that guy!!!

  • goo says:

    “The fact that Alves didnt come CLOSE to making weight might have had something to do with him outmuscling Hughes.”


  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie says:

    It time for a Fightlinker article proclaiming that Kevin Iole is done

  • Method says:

    Color me retarded, but I think Iole has a point. I agree with most every other thing you guys have said about him but this time the comments you bring to light seem to scream internet journo penis envy.

  • crs says:

    I think he looks more like he enjoys fucking boys under the age of 9 in the ass.

  • I like Kevin, and I agree with his article

    But I still find FL’s hate for him funny :)

  • crs says:

    He’s an idiot. And way too much of a Johnny Comelately to MMA to be one of its spokespeople like he fancies himself. His buddy Dave Meltzer may be a pro wrestling queer, but at least he has been involved with MMA long enough to have been a judge in the old days at least once in the UFC.