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Kevin Iole blames Loretta Hunt

One of the most interesting things to witness in regards to this whole bitch / fag / retard thing is Dana’s friends in the media kinda trying to defend him while at the same time admitting that he was out of line. Dave Carmichael gave it a shot and didn’t do too bad. Kevin Iole’s take is a bit more interesting. He calls Dana out for being offensive, but also implies that Loretta Hunt kinda sorta deserved it:

In one two-plus minute rant, White undid much of the good he’s done while building the UFC into a billion-dollar business and, perhaps, saving mixed martial arts from extinction, by offending gays, women and mentally handicapped people.

Assume, for a moment, that Hunt’s story, which dealt with backstage credentials, was completely inaccurate. Clearly, she should never have written a story such as she did without having one source on the record. And her single attempt to reach a UFC spokesperson is clearly feeble.

In the video, White said the UFC’s policy is, has been and will continue to be to give the fighters a set number of credentials and allow them to give those credentials to whomever they choose. White said the fighters can and occasionally do give one of their credentials to their managers or agents, and said they’ll continue to be allowed to do so.

The validity, or lack thereof, of Hunt’s story is immaterial, however.

Now if Kevin Iole had a source other than the UFC for his information, he’d know that Loretta Hunt’s article had multiple sources … like sources out the butt. And to criticize her for not being able to talk to the UFC when they’ve made their “Fuck Loretta Hunt” policy very clear … wow. That’s just rich. Congrats Kevin Iole. You outdo yourself once again.