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Kenny Florian wants to make more money the good old way

Even though Kenny Florian channeled a bit of Machida in his fight game against Roger Huerta, I’ll give him respect for recognizing the fact that there’s massive talent chasm between BJ Penn and the huge list of lightweight contenders. So in order to try and bridge that chasm (and possibly not incur snickers when people say “Penn vs Florian”), Florian wants to fight again before the year is out:

“I don’t want to wait around either, it’s kind of frustrating at the same time. I do want to fight the top guys, B.J. obviously is a legend and when you want to make your mark, that’s what I want to do, I want to have my legacy in this sport as well, so give me a chance.”

Building off the momentum of the win over Huerta, the former “Ultimate Fighter” season 1 member is planning on taking at least 1 more fight before 2008 is over, whether it’s B.J. Penn or not.

“At the same time, it’s a risky move and some people have criticized me for it, but I still want to get another fight in,” Florian commented. “I want to fight again before the year’s end and I want to fight someone tough.”