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Kenny Florian wants BJ Penn

The biggest piss off for me about offering title shots way in advance is it means you’ve got #1 contenders sitting on the bench for months and months waiting for their shot. That’s what’s up with Thiago Alves at 170, who said his coaches have convinced him to take a break and wait for the winner of GSP/Penn. Thiago’s last fight was in October. Don’t expect to see him again until April at the earliest. Boooooooo.

Another guy waiting for the GSP/Penn fight to sort itself out is Kenny Florian, who did his best to talk up a match between himself and Penn by saying he was going to ‘kill the master’. Personally, I think “You’re one lazy and inconsistent fucker, and after GSP is done with you I’m gonna finish you off” would have stoked the fires better, but what can be done. The UFC has officially given Florian a title shot if he’s willing to wait, but it seems like he’d rather keep fighting:

After Kenny Florian beat Joe Stevenson at UFC 91, he was crowned the No. 1 lightweight contender. But as Florian himself acknowledged on the set of ESPN’s MMA Live, that doesn’t necessarily mean his next fight will be against lightweight champ B.J. Penn:

Florian said he wants a title shot, but when asked if he might actually fight Sean Sherk next, Florian said, “It’s possible. It’s possible, and really I’m ready for anybody. I would love to fight Sean Sherk myself.”

Of course, this might just be Adrenaline Kenny speaking, the Kenny that’s so hyped from his dominating win that he feels like a God. And just like with any good bender, there’s always the chance he’ll wake up tomorrow going “Oh shit, I said I was gonna do what???”