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Kenny Florian proves he’s got it

Another fast fight … Kenny Florian takes it in the first round via rear naked choke. On the feet, Kenny was using his reach well, throwing fast combos and mixing it up with a few high kicks. He also tried a redux of his hit and run style against Roger Huerta. To Joe Stevenson’s credit, he did a very good job of keeping up with Kenny when he’d try to pull away. He cut off Kenny’s angles and then drove forward, putting Kenny against the cage.

From there he tried to take Florian down but Florian just wouldn’t go. After a slam attempt was foiled by Kenny grabbing the fence, Joe ended up on his back and Kenny went to work, overwhelming him and getting into mount. From there it was just a matter of time … Joe rolled over but didn’t manage to shrug Florian off, and Kenny dragged him back and locked in the choke.

Kenny Florian is definitely proving his merit as #1 contender. His striking, movement, takedown defense, ground work … it’s all just getting better and better. He’s still not on the same level as BJ Penn, but I think past Penn, Kenny is the guy to beat at 155. Let’s hope Penn decides to stay at 170 win or lose, and we get to see a rematch between Florian and Sherk for a vacant belt. I’ve got a feeling KenFlo would take that fight.