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Kenny Florian goes slow mo

The Discovery channel has a new show on where they film all sorts of wacky things in super slow motion. Personally, I can’t wait for a high def boob bounce episode, but for now lets talk about the MMA segment involving Kenny Florian and Marc DellaGrotte:

“It’s arguable there would ever be a ‘Time Warp’ without having a Kenny Florian and Mark DellaGrotte involved,” said Lieberman.

“When we put together the pilot episode, one of the segments we wanted to do was the human element. So we brought in Kenny Florian and his trainer, Mark, to demonstrate some of their techniques and close-ups of what the bodies go through under these extreme circumstances.”

From there it was only a matter of a punch from Florian to DellaGrotte’s face shown in super slow-motion that sealed the deal for Discovery Channel execs, leading to the series being picked up for its current run.

The punching was cool but not as intense as slow motion brick breaking.