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Kenny Florian gets what he asked for

Fun fact: 16 of Randy Couture’s 23 UFC fights were title fights. That’s a pretty damn impressive number, and you can pull that tidbit of knowledge out and smack your friends in the face with it if they ever talk shit about Randy’s 19-10 record.

Another fighter who might one day have a pretty impressive number of title fights is Kenny Florian, although not for the same reasons as Couture. He just seems really good at getting shots. He’s already been given two goes at the lightweight belt and botched a #1 contender match that would have led to his third a year after his last. Now he’s moved down to featherweight and la de da my stars what a surprise! Guess what he gets if he wins his first match there?

To be fair to Dana and the UFC, there’s a slight lack of legit contenders at featherweight right now. Sure there’s Chad Mendes, but I think the UFC wants to wait until people get to know him before he lies on Jose Aldo for five rounds. And it’s not like Dana came on MMA Live to proclaim Florian the next contender. Florian kinda ambushed him and got a ‘probably’ out of it, which the MMA media will now set in stone in our quest for sexy headlines.

For a salty dude like Dana White, he sure does seem to cave when people put him on the spot. James Toney got a fight out of Dana like a fatty plying a chick with liquor for sex. Afterward Dana sounded equally as confused and disgusted over why he gave in. And Royce Gracie has been trying the ol’ 1-on-1 arm twist in his quest to get paid big bucks at UFC Rio. Hey, if it works…

  • Trol says:

    Kenny just jinxed himself. He will probably lose now.

  • frickshun says:


  • Symbul says:

    Kenny is a media darling who can win fans over. Of course the UFC would love for him to carry a belt.

  • CAP says:

    I’d like to see that match up. Aldo looks waay quicker than Kenflo.

  • SST says:

    Kenny just ruined his career with that move. First RD KO

  • Newtieg says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you’re implying that Courture deserved his title fights and Kenny doesn’t. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think Courture had a good reason to get all those title shots (the following comments will have nothing to do with Kenny).

    Counting Randy’s Interim title fights, 5 of those title fights were coming off of losses. If anyone else in the sport got a title shot for losing there would probably be a lot of complaining going on. Couture got that shot FIVE times.

    Another 2 title fights, he had one win and one loss leading up to the match (not counting fights that were already mentioned in the last paragraph). If anyone else in the sport got a title shot for going 1-1 leading up to the fight there would probably be a lot of complaining going on. Courture got that shot twice.

    He started out 4-0 in title fights. He ended up being 9-6 in title fights and I have no idea which fight I’m missing because I have 15 matches and you mentioned 16. I’m going off of memory on this so I assume I’m just forgetting one.

    As far as match making goes I don’t think he properly earned a lot of his title fights. However, his timing was good. He got title fights earlier in the sport when there was less contenders. He also got title fights when there was no one else (or no one else as marketable) to fight. He was a mediocre champ at best. But, he was also good at defying odds…I guess.

  • Letibleu says:

    Did someone fart?

  • frickshun says:


  • G Funk says:

    Did you have asparagus last night? Topped with parmesan and… ketchup?