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Kendall Grove’s days are self-numbered

Those who enjoy Kendall Grove’s up and down performances in the UFC should savor his next few fights – he’s been hanging on the edge of getting fired for years now and recent comments about TUF sucking almost got him canned again. Even if he manages to shut his mouth and stop pissing off the brass, he says he’s pretty much done fighting anyways:

Eva: You have said before that you can’t picture yourself doing anything other than fighting. If the situation came about where you were to be cut from the UFC, would you continue to fight somewhere else or just retire?

Kendall: I plan on retiring in the next 3 years. I see myself teaching. I enjoy teaching a lot. I see my students and it is a big inspiration for me to look forward to something when I am done fighting. They do encourage me to go out there and fight and I want to fight every time I see them fight. Teaching is a good back plan. I know that this is the fastest growing sport and I see some young kids out there that I know we’ll see in the future because they’re so damn good. If me and the UFC don’t work out in the next two years, you might see me fight two times, but I plan on hanging it up. I think I’ve accomplished a lot in here. I mean, I’m 27, but I’m feeling a lot. My lower back is killing me. My knees are jacked and I haven’t had surgery on them yet. I see myself still in this sport as a coach though.

Note to Kendall’s next opponent: how about some karate chops to the spine and kicks to the knees? Grove has been bouncing around the UFC for four years now, which is generally understood by sports consultants to be how long the average athlete can stay at their peaks. For guys like GSP, that means the time you’re nigh invulnerable. For Grove, that means how long you can continue to win, lose, win, lose, lose, win … you get the idea.  Sure, you can be a Ken Shamrock and ride your career into the ground until you hit oil or the earth’s core. But there’s something to be said for saying “You know, I like my knee ligaments and back cartilage and don’t like getting asswhupped by the next generation of killers.”