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Kendall Grove almost got shot in … Edmonton?

Now before I start this entry, let me tell you a little bit about my personal knowledge regarding Edmonton. I was born in Edmonton, and have been back there quite a bit. You crazy Americans are used to tons of crime, that’s not really how things roll in Canada. While Edmonton is a ‘bad city for crime’ by Canadian standards, they just mean it’s bad compared to places like Kamloops and Ottawa and St Johns. When you compare Edmonton (4 murders per 100k) to an American city like Detroit (42 murders per 100k) you kinda realize what pussies us Canucks are.

The point of all that info is to show you how hard it is to get yourself shot or assaulted in Edmonton. But somehow, Kendall Grove still managed it. The video above goes through the whole encounter, with the near shooting discussed from 4:30 onwards.

I believe I’ve already mentioned that I really like Kendall Grove, and I think he has the potential to become a world champion down the road. Well, now I’m moving him from my ‘Likely to be a world champion’ list to the ‘Likely to be found face down in a ditch’ list. Kendall is joined on this list by other fighters like Phil Baroni, Renato Sobral, Drew Fickett, and Rani Yahya (Rani for reasons we’ll get into later today).

  • Miguel Sanchez says:

    I live in Canada and getting shot edmonton is about as likely as Bryan Savage is every gonna laid.. by a living human being…

    yah i’m talking to you.. you pie fucker!

  • MrRudy says:

    I can’t add your feed to Feedburner. How I do this?

  • Fatal Error says:

    If you listen to Kendall in the video, he and his buddies were buying drugs. That is what he is inferring when he says “we had already gotten what we had gone there for”. That’s why the guys had guns, they were dealers. Don’t be surprised if Da Spyda gets popped for pot after a fight.