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Ken Shamrock’s real fight

Dave Meltzer points out that the really big question isn’t if Ken Shamrock can pull off a win in the cage, but if he can pull off another ratings miracle for EliteXC:

A bad prime-time television rating, coming off the heels of poor numbers for a July card, would likely doom Elite XC’s future on the network. And it wouldn’t be a positive as Showtime makes a final decision on whether to purchase the company, which is running low on funds with more than $56 million in losses over the past two years.

“Several times in my career I’ve been put in this position where the company needed a rating or a buy rate and I’ve always come through,” said Shamrock, 44.

Shamrock is no stranger to bringing in the fans, but this will be the first time we’re seeing if he can work his ratings magic without the UFC or Tito Ortiz along for the ride.