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Ken Shamrock’s dubious reputation

(oh so nice picture of Kenny on the TV by Steve Cofield over at Yahoo)

What hurts Ken Shamrock’s reputation more: losing to Kimbo or pulling out of the fight last second? It’s a question worth asking if you’re gonna subscribe to the theory that shenanigans were in effect last night at EliteXC Heat.

Personally I see no upside for Ken in bailing last second … now he doesn’t get paid and his relationship with EliteXC is in tatters. What’s the upside there? Not getting hurt? That seems like an awfully dubious reason. Any other reasons stretch to the point of conspiracy theories. There’s one floating around the forums that Ken botched things for the UFC. Another has Ken jobbing for EliteXC so EliteXC could take Kimbo down a few pegs. Yep, people really think this.

Still, there’s enough strange shit surrounding this situation to raise a lot of questions. Here’s Sam Caplan:

Of particular interest is why Shamrock elected to go to the emergency room to have the laceration treated.

Once he stepped into that hospital, there shouldn’t have been any doubt about the repercussions. Speaking with several veteran fighters on Saturday, I was told that they would have handled the situation differently and that it is not uncommon to glue a cut shut and then apply makeup just prior to a pre-fight checkup with the commission.

Kid Nate also points out the partial history Ken has of fucking up main events. This list doesn’t include the clusterfuck that was the second Tito Ortiz fight, a similar incident in Japan against Sakuraba, and the time he forced Guy Mezger out of the ring in PRIDE because he disagreed with a judge’s decision for overtime. Oh, and latest but not the leastest: the Buzz Berry fight, which many people felt Ken took a dive on.

Long story short, where Ken goes, controversy seems to follow … and not always the good ticket-selling kind.