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Ken Shamrock wants Royce Gracie

There’s not a lot of potential matches left for Ken Shamrock that interest me, although a third fight with Royce Gracie certainly does. I’m not the only one … both Gracie and Shamrock have expressed interest although Ken claims Royce is ducking him:

Ken Shamrock: The second time I beat him in every aspect of the fight; in fact his corner had to carry him out. Fans have been calling for a rematch ever since. After this particular fight Royce left the UFC. As a matter of fact I ran the entire Gracie family out of the UFC. His talk is cheap. Let’s settle it in the cage. I heard Royce agree to a rematch three times now, every time he has come up with a reason not to fight me. Royce and my brother Frank should get together and write a book about how to set up fights and not fight.

Sure, the second fight between Royce and Ken was a snoozer, but that was back when MMA was stone age shit. Jiu jitsu guys just closed their guard and their opponents weren’t willing or able to pass it. A third fight between these guys would be a good indicator to see who’s game has improved over the years. Sure, neither of them are capable of keeping up with the kiddies any more, but it’d be fun to see the two of them go at it one more time. Do it in Japan with extended rounds. It’d be shweet.