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Ken Shamrock revives the idea of a fight with Frank

Here we go again. Ken Shamrock was at the UFC Fan Expo, looking very veiny and talking about setting up ‘legends’ style fights against Tank Abbot, Dan Severn, Mark Coleman, and yep, his brother Frank. If you’ve been around Fightlinker since the beginning, you’ll know that Frank and Ken have been talking about fighting eachother since we were a tiny little blogspot blog and the match-up is officially in Duke Nukem Forever territory.

One reason why this damn thing might finally happen: Strikeforce and Showtime may need something that’ll keep CBS ratings from flatlining in the event of another Fedor fiasco. But keep in mind that Kenny boy completely fucked everyone over the last time he was supposed to fight for CBS and since then has done nothing other than beat a morbidly obese man who would die a few months later, and pop for steroids while doing it.

He’ll also have to prove he can still hang in Australia against Pedro Rizzo, who’s had a checkered record over the past decade but nothing like the crash and burn Ken Shamrock has experienced in the same time period. All in all, there are still waaaaay too many ifs, maybes, and probably nots for me to get excited about this happening.