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Ken Shamrock lasts 3 minutes at ImpactFC

When will people realize that Ken Shamrock isn’t interested in seriously competing in MMA – he just shows up for the paycheck and whatever happens, happens? I guess it all depends on your definition of ‘people’ … fans of the sport know this, but the average person who showed up in Sydney for last night’s ImpactFC still seem fine with him performing The Aristocrats on his legacy:

After three minutes, Rizzo intensified his attack. He landed harder, cleaner low kicks, eventually connecting with a right kick that hobbled Shamrock and dropped him to his knees. Rizzo followed up with a series of perfunctory punches that earned him the stop 3:33 into the first round.

The win was the third for the veteran Rizzo in the last 10 months.

Despite the tall odds heading into the bout, and despite the beating he received, Shamrock remained enormously popular with the Sydney audience, which stood in appreciation following the bout.

“I like being in the ring, and the day that I have to say it’s over is gonna be a sad day for me. And it’s probably pretty close to that day,” laughed Shamrock after the bout.

“As long as the fans come and keep watching me, I’ll keep getting beat up,” he continued, drawing a bizarrely enthusiastic, possibly sadistic response from the crowd.

There were many other not so magical moments across the rest of the card:

Sensing the end was near, Daley launched a elbow that opened a considerable cut on Acacio’s scalp. Acacio put a hand to his head to check for blood and, when he found there was plenty, verbally submitted a few seconds later.

It was one of several somewhat anti-climactic finishes, as middleweights Paulo Filho and Denis Kang fought to a split draw, and Murilo Bustamante quit under bizarre circumstances midway through the second round against Jesse Taylor, apparently suffering from a sudden loss of equilibrium.

Here’s how that split draw played out:

Judge Evan Bzadough scored the bout 29-28 Filho, while Brett Hinde had a confusing 30-27 Kang. Charlie Keech came down firmly in the middle with a score of 29-29. saw the bout 29-28 Kang, giving him the first and third rounds.

Maybe Filho vs Kang is cursed – it was also supposed to be the final match in the 2006 PRIDE middleweight grand prix. That isn’t stop big talking ImpactFC promoter Tom Huggins from talking about a rematch when ImpactFC heads to Rio de Janeiro for a few shows. I’d call bullshit, but two shows in two weeks featuring half the high profile washouts in the MMA universe have gone off with relatively few hitches, sooo…