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Ken Shamrock is really really really sorry

Ken Shamrock just released a statement regarding the cut that took him out of action last weekend, and while it didn’t shed any new information on what happened, he did at least sound sorry to an epic degree:

Over the years there have been many great times as well as disappointing times and I know Saturday the fans were as disappointed as I was. I was worked up so I decided to train with my partners in order to stay focused on the fight. I was just doing a light roll to check holds when I got caught by a head butt. It was a freak accident and I didn’t think anything of it until I saw drops of blood. It appeared to be a deep laceration so I had my physician look at it and we immediately went to the emergency room. When they said the cut would require stitches, my heart sank because I knew that the Florida Boxing Commission would not let me fight. I was disappointed because I knew this was an opportunity to give the fans, my friends, and my family something to cheer about.   It has been a hard couple of years for me, and for my fans.   I have suffered some disappointing losses.   I definitely regret my decision to train on the day of the fight.

The whole letter basically reads as a plea to EliteXC and the fans to forgive him and let him have another shot against Kimbo Slice. Unfortunately, I don’t think many people could think of Slice vs Shamrock ‘2’ without remembering the epic clusterfuck that just went down this time. My bet is that’s something no one with the power to put that fight together wants to be reminded of.