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Ken Shamrock is born again!

Here’s the latest video the company working on Ken Shamrock’s movie made. Psyyyyyychooooooos.

If you thought Ken Shamrock had already rolled in every pile of dogshit possible in the past few years of his career, you were wrong!

Shamrock is in the process of filming a Christian documentary about his life. A former foster child, Shamrock told a story about a group home he visited in Puerto Rico before facing Kimo Leopoldo at UFC 8 in 1996: children slept in a tractor trailer lined with beds, playing basketball with a milk crate tethered to a pole in the dirt. Shamrock said that memories of that trip led him to become more deeply involved with social work, and more recently, Christian causes.

“Wonderlust Productions, the company making the film with me, have made some really, really great films,” says Shamrock. “They’re really popular in our world.”

“When you say ‘our world,’ do you mean the world of born-again Christianity?” I ask.

“Yes sir,” Shamrock nods confidently. He has long been portrayed as an angry, volatile has-been, but the 46-year-old’s jollity was certainly at odds with that characterization.

“I don’t really want to get into a debate about it. I’m not going to force anyone into what I believe,” he continues.

Shamrock is acutely aware of how people perceive him, and especially how people might perceive a 46-year-old former MMA superstar touting religiosity. Nonetheless, he is invigorated: during his barrage of media appearances over the last five days, Shamrock has signed most autographs with “God bless.”

I suppose advocating Jesus is a healthier message than advocating steroids (there is no link between loving Jesus and your balls shrinking), which is what he was doing last week. But still, the company Ken is making this documentary with isn’t just a ‘worship Christ, be good’ kind of group. They’re a ‘go over to Africa and throw Satan out of children’ group, which has the oopsie effect of teaching locals that children are often possessed by witches and devils, which leads to them being exiled from their homes and families. That’s if they’re lucky … otherwise it’s stoning time, or if there happens to be a spare tire floating around, “BBQ Witch” time.