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Ken Shamrock at the Gathering of the Juggalos

Ah juggalos. The only people on the subculture totem pole lower than ravers and goths. Followers of the Insane Clown Posse, they’re basically a white trash KISS army (was that redundant?) except they don’t just pull out the face paint for concerts. Being a juggalo is a motherfucking lifestyle. And they’ve even got their own giant annual 4 day festival to go to … this one featuring a Ken Shamrock ‘full on MMA demonstration’ and toughman champ Butterbean.

I cannot deny it though … this redneck Burning Man does look like a lot of fun. They’ve stacked the entire weekend full of all sorts of trashy shit like ultra-violent pro wrasslin’, vomit-inducing carnival rides, a human cannonball, a free ‘fat-ass BBQ’ and more D-list celebrities than you can shake a stick at (Vanilla Ice! Pauly Shore!!!). If the whole thing wasn’t gonna be swimming in the worst rap-rock ever written and populated by people who are eight beers away from another manslaughter incident, I would actually love to go.

(big thanks to Jemaleddin for the find!)