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Ken is gonna get his ass kicked

Jake Rossen has completed his master thesis: a 900 word treatise on why Ken Shamrock is going to get his ass absolutely kicked this Saturday. If you’re wondering if you want to read more of the same from Rossen, here … let me help you decide. In my opinion, this isn’t just more of the same: This is a masterpiece of denigration. Here’s the first three paragraphs of the story:

In a rather disturbing exercise in morbidity, Harris Interactive polled 1,017 Americans via telephone in 2004 and asked if they’d watch a televised execution. Two-thirds said that they would.

This has to be encouraging news for ProElite and CBS, who happen to be scheduling one this Saturday.

Sticking his neck in the guillotine is Ken Shamrock, a 44-year-old pug with a lifetime of knowledge and a body that no longer knows how to apply it.

I’ve often said that Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock could potentially constitute elderly abuse or at worst, manslaughter. But Jake takes it to the next level as only Sherdog’s official muckraker can. Check it out!